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Top Food Trends Coming to the Table in 2024

Tyson Foods weighs in on what food trends you’ll see on your table and in the grocery aisle in 2024 based on three key factors.

Setting a New Record to Fight Food Insecurity

This year, Tyson Foods has reached an annual record high in protein donations, giving more than 40 million pounds of protein – the equivalent of 120 million servings, or approximately 1,300 truckloads – to address food insecurity.

Celebrating our Commitment to “Every Animal. Every Day.”

Team members across the globe recently celebrated Animal Welfare Awareness Week and showed their commitment to the care of “Every animal. Every day.”

Changing the Future of Food with Automation and AI

Tyson Foods continues to leverage advanced technologies such as geo-fencing, AI enabled computer vision, advanced analytics supply chain optimization, robotic automation, and utilization of generative AI into its operations.

Upward Academy Wins Impact Amplifier Award

Tyson Foods Upward Academy Online program wins the Impact Amplifier Award at the Guild Opportunity Summit.

Hunger Action Month: Fighting Hunger Across the U.S., Together

Tyson Foods takes action during Hunger Action Month with donations of $25 Million and 25 Million pounds of protein to facilitate American’s access to nutritious foods.