World Food Safety Day is an annual event that aims to raise awareness and inspire action—all in the name of preventing, detecting and managing food-borne risks. 2024’s theme is “Food Safety: Prepared for the Unexpected,” which reflects the need for resilience and adaptability in the face of emerging challenges and opportunities in the food system.

We are committed to producing safe, high-quality food for our customers and consumers at Tyson Foods. Our robust food safety culture is based on science, innovation and continuous improvement. We also have a strong emergency preparedness and response plan that enables us to cope with any unforeseen situations that may affect our operations, supply chain or products.

Ensuring Food Safety at Every Step

Our comprehensive food safety program that covers every aspect of our business, from farm to fork, following the highest standards of animal welfare, biosecurity, environmental stewardship and worker safety. We use advanced technologies and data analytics to monitor and control our processes and prevent potential hazards, in addition to conducting regular audits, inspections and testing to verify compliance and performance.

The Tyson Foods team of more than 2,700 food safety professionals, includes veterinarians, microbiologists, chemists, engineers and quality assurance specialists. They are responsible for implementing and overseeing our food safety policies, procedures, and practices. They also provide training and education to our employees, suppliers and partners on food safety principles and best practices.

How We Prepare for the Unexpected

We recognize that the food system is dynamic and complex, and that we need to be ready for any changes or disruptions that may arise. We have a dedicated crisis management team that coordinates our response to any potential or actual food safety incidents. They work closely with our business units, functional areas and external stakeholders to assess the situation, communicate effectively and take appropriate actions.

We also have a business continuity plan that outlines how we will maintain our operations and ensure food safety in the event of a natural disaster, pandemic or other emergency. This includes contingency plans for alternative sourcing, production, distribution and storage of our products. We also have backup systems and protocols for our critical functions and processes.

Celebrate World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day allows us to celebrate our achievements and recognize our food safety heroes. We are proud of our food safety culture and the contributions of our food safety professionals and frontline team members. We also appreciate the collaboration and support of our customers, consumers, regulators, industry peers and other partners in advancing food safety.

This day reaffirms our commitment and responsibility to food safety. We always seek ways to improve our performance and share our knowledge and experience with others. We are also open to learning from others and adopting new technologies and practices that can enhance food safety.

We believe that food safety is a shared and ongoing journey, and that we can achieve more by working together.

Senior Vice President, Food Safety & Quality Assurance