Despite the circumstances of a global pandemic, Tyson Foods has sought many opportunities over the last year to grow as a company and show the world how much good food can do.

We know feeding the future takes all kinds of protein, healthy team members, innovative solutions, and stable communities.  

We also know it takes a stable and sustainable workforce. That’s why we’re looking to develop our team and evolve our work environment to achieve the status of employer of choice in all our locations. Central to that is implementing a range of initiatives to improve the team member experience which in turn makes us a more attractive employer resulting in an increase in applicant flow.

Among those initiatives are piloting flexible schedules for employees who may be balancing their responsibilities as a caregiver or need weekdays to attend events and appointments. Someone who once worked five days may now have the opportunity to work a three-day shift or even create their own schedule.

There have been many things we’ve learned over the last year, but one that stands out is the needs of our workforce have changed. This demands innovative solutions for companies like ours.

Other initiatives we have adopted include increasing pay and benefits. Examples include attendance incentives, referral and signing bonuses, and even childcare solutions for team members. Current estimates of our average base pay plus benefits for domestic production workers is valued at more than $22 per hour.

It’s all part of what we see as an opportunity for Tyson Foods to shape the most desirable employee experience possible.

We are continuing to invest in technology that makes self-service solutions available to our team members. We are investing in health clinics that bring access to health care to our team members.

And we’re continuing investments in training and development programs like Upward Academy and Upward Pathways. All while maintaining our commitment to health and safety by driving COVID-19 monitoring, detection, prevention, and vaccination efforts to ensure team members feel safe at work. So far, more than 44,000 of our U.S. team members have been vaccinated.

We take pride in the opportunities available to the tens of thousands of team members in the Tyson Foods family. As a global food company, we know excellence cannot be achieved without each individual person.

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