Today, our workforce exceeds 140,000 team members, roughly 80 percent of whom work at our frontline plants and facilities. Our top priority is the health and safety of our team members, their loved ones and our communities. Keeping our team members informed and aware of the extensive and ever-evolving safety measures we’ve put in place to ensure their safety is critical. Our safety measures can only be effective if all team members are aware of them and observe them both at work and at home.

Our communication efforts to date have been extensive and across multiple channels to try and reach as many team members as possible. These include emails, text messages, digital signage, social media, our website, bulletin postings, phone calls, webcasts, social distancing-observed meetings, and more.

I’m pleased to share that today we’re expanding the use of one of our most effective communications tools, our Rave text alert system, to even more field locations. Rave is a simple opt-in text messaging notification system that allows us to quickly inform team members about our latest health and safety and support measures. It is available in up to 40 languages and can be implemented with local information at the tap of a button.

Team member safety is our number one priority, and Rave will help us ensure that team members and their families receive critical information and support during this difficult time

Senior Vice President, US Human Resources at