Our company was built on hard work, humility and purpose. Today more than ever, our work shines with even more purpose after the U.S. government listed food supply as a critical infrastructure industry amid the COVID-19 outbreak. As other industries scale back or shut down, our team will soldier on to make sure there’s food on your family’s table.

As team members are clocking in daily to meet the shifting increase in protein demand at grocery stores, they are starting their workdays with more caution than ever to keep each other and their loved ones safe. Our strategies go beyond CDC guidance, including taking team member temperatures before they enter our facilities to limit the spread of COVID-19. We’ve been diligent about educating team members about the virus and ways to avoid catching it. As a food production company, we follow Good Manufacturing Practices including those relating to sanitation and disinfection of our facilities. Our facilities have intensified their routine cleaning and sanitation efforts outside of production areas, particularly in common areas and on frequently touched surfaces. We’re also restricting visitor access to our plants and have also relaxed our attendance policy to reinforce the importance of staying home when sick.

We are committed in doing everything we can to help our team members stay healthy because they aren’t just employees – they’re parents, siblings and children who have loved ones to protect. We have mandatory health care coverage for our eligible team members and have made changes to our benefits. We’re waiving the 5 consecutive day waiting period for Short Term Disability benefits, so workers can receive pay while they’re sick with the flu or COVID-19. In addition, we’re doing the following:

  • Waiving the co-pay, co-insurance and deductible for doctor visits for COVID-19 testing as well as eliminating pre-approval or preauthorization steps.
  • Waiving co-pays for the use of telemedicine.
  • Relaxing refill limits for 30-day prescriptions of maintenance medication.

We operate with the same set of values first instilled in the company – solving problems and offering solutions especially during hard times, all while making sure we’re taking care of each other and our local communities. I am so proud and humbled by the resilience and compassion our frontline team members show every day. It is through them that we will endure and continue to feed the nation.  

Senior Vice President, US Human Resources at