As a Kentucky gal, some of my fondest summer memories were backyard barbeques that faded into sunset bonfires, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the open flames, as well as dancing barefoot to country music (I’m here to assure you that, yes, we do wear shoes in Kentucky—on most occasions, anyway).

So, when I heard Ball Park brand had teamed up with country singer Cole Swindell, I had to get the scoop.

Before he hit the road for his concert tour, I had the chance to catch up with him about all things summer.

Q&A with Cole

Okay, I’ll start with the easy question first: summer has to be your favorite season, right? What’s your absolute favorite thing about summer?

Cole: Summer is definitely my favorite season. It’s hard to pick one favorite thing; it’s all of it, it’s everything. The sun is shining, the weather is great and my birthday is in the summer!

You have a busy few months ahead of you with your upcoming tour! I’m sure life on the road gets hectic, but a guy’s gotta eat. What’s your go-to grub when you’re traveling?

Cole: No doubt that my summers are busy! When I’m on the road, I’ll always make time for anything grilled! We travel with a grill under the tour bus—no joke. As we stop in different cities across the country, we take out the grill and fire it up any time we can. We grill nearly everything, but Ball Park Franks are definitely the crowd pleaser.

Franks are a fan favorite—what’s the verdict: juicy with grill marks or absolutely charred?

Cole: Char those bad boys up a bit! It doesn’t take a grill master to know that location on the grill is key. Cook them slowly around the outside of the grill or put them over the direct flame for that charred flavor that I love… but don’t leave them there for too long.

The next obvious question: what’s the best way to top a dog?

Cole: Take it off the grill and dress it up just about any way you can think of… I’ll eat it. But, if you’re making me choose, my favorite is a Small-Town Slaw Dog. It includes my favorite fixings, which can be found at just about any down-home barbecue: a good amount of coleslaw and a heaping amount baked beans on top of the dog. The sloppier, the better!

Clearly, it’s not a real down-home barbeque without some tunes. Which of your songs would you say is the best summer jam?

Cole: You definitely have to have some music at your down-home barbeque! There are so many great songs out there, but if we’re talking about just my songs, I would say my favorite summer jam has to be “Chillin’ It.” right? “I’ve got my shades on, top back…” just sounds like summer. Come hear it for yourself this summer and let me know if you agree! All the tour dates can be found on my website at COLESWINDELL.COM.

Don’t worry friends–as a Tyson Foods team member, I’m ineligible to enter, but you bet I would if I could!
Now, please excuse me while I head over to Spotify and listen to “Chillin’ It” on repeat.

Published May 17, 2019.

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