Our vision at Tyson Foods for animal welfare is simple: to be a leader in animal welfare through compassionate care based in sound science. We are committed to raising the world’s expectations for how much good food can do by continuously improving the welfare of the animals entrusted to our care.  

Compassionate care for our animals is inherent to who we are as a company, from our executive leadership to our team members on the ground who interact with our animals daily. We also expect the farmers and ranchers we work with to respect and serve as stewards of the animals in their care. 

Our approach to animal welfare is grounded in sound science and the latest animal welfare research using innovative technology. We trust the animals to show us what types of environments best suit them, and we use their demonstrated preferences to guide our decisions. We collaborate with internal and external subject matter experts to use ongoing research and engagement to continuously improve the welfare of our animals. 

Incorporating the Five Domains into our daily conversations and actions is essential to driving continuous improvement in the welfare outcomes of our animals, and to further enhance the welfare culture throughout our operations. The framework is progressive and conceptual to recognize both positive and negative mental states of the animal through four domains – nutrition, physical environment, health, and behavioral opportunities – which ultimately contribute to the fifth domain: the mental state. 

We asked several team members what animal welfare meant to them and were met with responses that we felt aligned to our animal welfare mission and the result generated our new tagline, Every Animal. Every Day

We have put in place several processes to ensure every team member takes accountability and ownership in being the best stewards of the animals entrusted to our care. 

Every team member. 

Every animal. 

Every day. 

To learn more about how we’re continuously improving animal welfare, please visit www.tysonsustainability.com.