The rise of holistic well-being awareness has directly impacted how the American workforce views well-being at work and how workplaces implement programs and initiatives aimed at employee wellness. In fact, a U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report found that 80% of U.S. businesses with more than 50 employees offered corporate wellness programs. 

Although a small portion of that 80%, Tyson Foods values the health and well-being of all its team members. By approaching well-being benefits and programs through an affordable and accessible lens, Tyson Foods is able to support team members and their families in several aspects of their lives. 

At the enterprise level, the company recently debuted Living Well at Tyson Foods, a holistic well-being program powered by Limeade’s digital platform that allows Tyson Foods to support team members’ personalized well-being journeys. Through the mobile app or website portal, team members can access activities and resources that support emotional, physical, financial, and work well-being.  

As a whole, the Limeade platform serves as a centralized benefits hub for team members, offering access to information on preventative health activities, connections to existing company well-being programs and access to a full library of educational materials, among other features. The Limeade platform is just one tool the company plans to utilize to make well-being a core tenant of the employee experience.  

Beyond the Living Well at Tyson Foods program, Tyson Foods partnered with Marathon Health to open health clinics near seven production facilities in the spring of 2021. Named the “Bright Blue” health centers in honor of the company’s bright future in providing accessible healthcare to team members, these health centers provide both primary and preventive care to nearly 40,000 team members, their spouses, and their children over two years old.  

Team Member Well-Being Initiatives Thrive in Local Plant Communities  

Tyson Foods opened its very first pilot center near the company’s prepared foods plant in Newbern, Tennessee. This plant has continually increased its team member engagement rate since the center opened in April 2021, with engaged team members having one or more visits with the clinic in a rolling 12-month period.  

The company’s local team in Newbern has consistently led the charge for living the culture of team member health and well-being. In addition to the facility’s “Bright Blue” operating efforts, the local team has maintained a community garden for over 20 years. Located on the Prepared Foods facility’s 161-acre plot of agricultural land, the garden provides a variety of nutritious crops throughout the year. 

Most recently, team members harvested sweet corn in mid-July after participating in planting efforts in April in honor of Earth Month. Team members and their families were able to bring home bushels of harvested sweet corn just in time to prepare for turnip planting in the fall.  

In another region, our Wilkesboro, North Carolina team demonstrated its commitment to the health and well-being of our team members through its newly launched wellness initiative. The initiative – aimed at proactively addressing personal well-being through education, connection, and on-site support – was inspired by the results of wellness connection surveys. 

The local team identified leading factors influencing team members’ well-being, mental health, and interpersonal connections through internal surveys. Since its launch in April of 2023, the initiative has bloomed into providing a variety of projects, including a weekly produce truck, community food pantry and gardening-related activities. 

As Tyson Foods celebrates National Wellness Month, the company reflects on the progress to date and future efforts to become the most sought-after place to work. To learn more about Tyson’s career paths, team member benefits and employee well-being initiatives, visit