The last few years have created challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic — illness, loss of family or friends, remote work or school and social isolation — causing stress, disengagement, health issues and more. With the increase in stress and difficulty in balancing work and family life, many of us have less time to focus on our well-being and a greater need for it than ever. This lack of self-care can impact our mental and physical health, our relationships with others and our ability to be productive at home and work.  

At Tyson Foods, we recognize that our greatest asset is our people, which is why we strive to put well-being at the heart of the team member experience. Well-being encompasses physical, emotional, social and financial health, as well as job satisfaction and engagement. It’s about creating a work environment that supports team members’ holistic health and helps them thrive both in and out of the workplace. And when our team members thrive, we know there is a positive effect on their families, our company and the communities where they work and live. 

There are many benefits and programs offered by Tyson to support our team members and their families in all aspects of their lives, and we want to make sure these offerings are integrated and accessible. For this reason, we have created Living Well at Tyson, a holistic well-being program powered by Limeade’s digital platform. Through a mobile app or website portal, our team members can prioritize self-care and create a personalized well-being journey that meets their needs, with easy access to wellness activities, challenges, targeted educational materials and connection to Tyson’s benefit ecosystem.  

We strive to be the most sought-after place to work in the communities where we operate. We understand to achieve that, we must recognize the importance of meeting our team members where they are, what matters to them and what tools they need to be their best.   

Living Well at Tyson is yet another step that Tyson Foods is taking to show how we align our actions with our values and prioritize the health and well-being of our team members. By empowering them with the Limeade platform, we hope to make well-being part of how they experience work every day. We are proud to support our team members by providing the necessary tools and stability they need to be successful at work and home, feel good and live well. 

Chief Medical Officer at Tyson Foods

Dr. Coplein has held leadership and executive positions at MassMutual, ConnectiCare, MetLife, United Technologies Corporation and General Electric Company, and served as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force. She earned her medical degree from New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine and her law degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law, as well as Master’s degrees in Public Health from Loma Linda University, Business Administration from Colorado State University and Environmental Management from Yale University. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Baystate Health.