When it comes to investing in team members, Tyson Foods takes a holistic approach – whether that means caring for their health and wellness or providing personal and professional development opportunities such as citizenship support or free education. As part of this, we began offering financial literacy courses through Upward Academy in 2018 and have designed a robust program for our team members, many of whom are immigrants or refugees. 

Upward Academy helps team members develop important life skills by offering free and accessible classes in English as a Second Language (ESL), High School Equivalency (HSE), U.S. citizenship, financial literacy, digital literacy and more.  

One particular group of team members from our Monroe, North Carolina, facility has successfully taken advantage of the financial literacy education – all thanks to the guidance of their instructor Sr. Maintenance Training Supervisor Christy Griswold. This team completed an eight-week course on topics such as opening a savings account, working toward debt relief, developing credit and gaining a general understanding of finances in today’s world.  

In recognition of Financial Literacy Month, we’re highlighting their stories and what they have to say about the long-term impact of their financial literacy education. 

Jasmin Dorsey, Packer Labor 

“I was bad with money and had a poor credit score before taking this course — plus, I wasn’t saving much. The budgeting section of the class helped me save more and be more thoughtful with the money I am spending. I went from spending about my whole paycheck to saving a dedicated amount I put aside each week.”  

Taylor Williams, PSM Coordinator 

“I joined this class to help with my financial stability, eventually make some larger purchases, cut back on unnecessary spending, understand debt relief programs and learn how I can be financially better moving forward. Tyson has great opportunities with 401k and retirement plans, and with this course we were able to learn and understand all of them.  

“These are the type of opportunities other team members or perspective team members should really take advantage of.”

“It feels good to know you aren’t the only one who may not understand something. Sometimes this world makes you feel like you should understand everything and the fine print. Having the face-to-face and having someone dedicated to explaining it to you in your terminology, regarding your lifestyle and to go with your personal budget, made it feel like it’s something I can accomplish and continue to do moving forward.” 

Christopher Craig, Packer Labor 

“Before, I always spent money on my wants versus my needs, so joining this class helped me learn how to save money more efficiently. I am proud of myself and everyone in this class because they showed me I shouldn’t be afraid. I know how it feels to be homeless, but I should have been budgeting my money. The experience of that and this class helped me understand I could work towards being better with my money. I have only been with my bank for one year, but after working on my credit score, it has already gone up.” 

Novella Hall, Packer Labor 

“Prior to joining this class, I was feeling overwhelmed with debt. Everything I learned helped me put finances in perspective. My credit score and my credit limit both went up. Plus, since taking this class, I have paid off my car and a high-interest credit card.” 

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