The main sentiment among the Tyson Foods Transportation team can be summed up like this: driving is more than just a job, it’s an experience and long-lasting career.   

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which runs September 11 through 17, recognizes the contributions drivers make to keep our country moving forward. This week offers everyone the chance to thank our country’s 3.6 million professional truck drivers for their commitment and hard work on a daily basis.  

While it’s one of the economy’s most demanding and vital jobs, our Tyson fleet prides itself on safety and accuracy. This year alone, our team has driven miles equivalent to 4,605 trips around the Earth and delivered over 258,000 loads 98% on time.  

One success story from the Transportation team comes from Dennis Hall, a driver from Arlington, Texas, who was recognized this summer for his accomplishments at the Arkansas Trucking Championship. Hall ended the competition with a first-place win, having the highest combined score across all safety, knowledge, and skill divisions. He then moved on to compete in the National Truck Driving Rodeo Competition, where he placed in the top 15. 

Beyond the recognition Hall and the entire Tyson Foods Transportation team receives at events like the Trucking Championship, they also regularly honor their own team members for success internally. Recognizing a driver of the quarter and various safety milestones is an important effort for those who play such a critical role in the business.  

“We are proud of the people we have working for us,” said Phil Vanhook, Managing Director of Transportation Operations. “They go above and beyond in serving Tyson Foods and the American consumer each and every day.” 

This year, in honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we are celebrating our drivers in new ways – both big and small. “Thank You” videos from other staff members, various breakfast, lunch, or cookout gatherings, and even social media shoutouts and giveaways have been organized nationwide to show support and appreciation.  

We also encourage you to thank a driver or visit the Driving for Tyson Foods Facebook or Instagram pages to offer words of encouragement and gratitude.  

To our Tyson Food truck drivers and everyone in Tyson Foods Transportation Operations – thank you for helping put food on our tables!