Winning with team members, winning with customers and consumers, and winning with excellence in execution — these are the things we have committed to as a company.

I am proud to share that last week at the McDonald’s Worldwide conference, with 12,000 attendees, Tyson Foods won the most prestigious award, Global Supplier of the Year.  This award reflects the value we bring to McDonald’s every day and is a stellar example of winning with our customers.  Our ability to deliver for McDonald’s helps them win with their consumers.  The entire Tyson organization came together to support McDonald’s when they needed us most.

This honor is a recognition of not only what we do, but how we do it.  Our ability to navigate global supply chain issues to assure supply, add production when needed and invest in new facilities around the globe to support growth were key factors in this recognition.  Additionally, we were recognized for collaborating with McDonald’s to drive change through sustainability and DE&I commitments and to create scalable projects to help meet science-based targets and build supply chain resilience.  We have also partnered with McDonald’s to improve animal health and welfare around the world. 

“Our Supplier of the Year has proven their commitment to our values time and again, showing up for our brand and our customers in ways that truly matter,” McDonald’s said at the award ceremony. “Their actions rose to the occasion, always keeping our customers and communities top of mind.”

This award comes at an especially meaningful time, as we at Tyson Foods celebrate 40 years of partnership with McDonald’s. Back in 1982, McDonald’s, in partnership with Keystone, Chicken McNuggets® were developed, which revolutionized the way Americans ate chicken and Tyson was asked to commercialize. And just as we did then, our team members continue to provide solutions to help enable global growth for both McDonald’s and Tyson Foods – two of the world’s most recognized brands in food. 

We have been able to win with our customer, McDonald’s, by delivering on our promises—and we have you to thank for that. You don’t just keep this company running, you do it with recognized, award-winning excellence in execution.

“Above all else, [Tyson Foods] is an organization about people,” McDonald’s said. “People on the plant floors. People out in the field. People in corporate offices.”

And I couldn’t agree more. I’m grateful for each one of you, and so very proud to share this great honor with you.

Global McDonald’s Business Unit President at Tyson Foods

Sandy Luckcuck was named President of our Global McDonald’s Business Unit in 2021 and joined Tyson Foods in 2019 from Keystone Foods. In this role, she is responsible for leading our relationship with McDonald’s.

A member of Tyson Foods’ enterprise leadership team, Sandy reports to President & CEO Donnie King.

In her previous role, she was Vice President of Global Sales for our McDonald’s Business. She has worked with McDonald’s for more than 25 years in various roles spanning marketing, sales, supply chain and operations with The Coca-Cola Company, and Keystone Foods, where she managed their domestic and global business.

Sandy’s experience working with McDonald’s global food and beverage businesses has enabled her to understand how Tyson Foods’ can best develop and provide innovative, sustainable global solutions to drive growth.

Sandy earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Central Missouri.