The recent Anti-Asian rhetoric and abuse happening in our country is a call to action to drive meaningful change throughout our circles of impact and our communities. Earlier this year, we pledged to combat the rising hate crimes facing Asians in the U.S. We’ve taken steps to ensure we continue to foster an environment of inclusivity, elevate diverse voices and support organizations whose mission is aimed at supporting and empowering Asian Americans.

Elevating Voices

We’ve leaned on our Asians & Allies Business Resource Group as a source of education. The stories of personal reflection and collaboration with our leadership in the past year have been so valuable in informing how we ensure every team member feels dignified and respected.

It’s important that we continue to amplify diverse voices across our many platforms, making sure everyone is heard. We continuously encourage our team members to participate in our Business Resource Groups, seek new ways of doing things and have uncomfortable conversations to propel us toward a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace where everyone is heard and understood.  

Financial Contributions

To better support organizations that are working to address the civil and human rights of Asian Americans, we’ve committed to awarding a series of grants to several national non-profits, including Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Chicago and the National Association of Asian American Professionals.

Within the communities where our team members live and work, we’ve identified seven organizations across five states that align with our goal to support our Asian American team members and their families. These organizations were identified with the help of our local plant management and community liaisons. The grants will provide services, education and opportunities. Organizations like the Ethnic Minorities of Burma Advocacy and Resource Center and the Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese are among the recipients and have been working with our team members for years.

These contributions are part of our broader commitment to support organizations that support equity, inclusion and diversity for all, including the Equal Justice Initiative, The Executive Leadership Council and the National Urban League.

We believe in pursuing these efforts because our diversity makes us and our communities stronger. These steps are meant to encourage the conversation to go on long past Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Each day is an opportunity to learn, understand and grow from the diversity within our Tyson Foods family.