Though the holidays will look and feel different this year with some folks opting for smaller gatherings or celebrating remotely, we know food and recipes are rooted in family traditions. People will continue to cook their favorite recipes as a way to feel connected with their loved ones.

Our Jimmy Dean® sausage is used in countless recipes every holiday season, whether its Sausage Cornbread Stuffing at Thanksgiving or Sausage Quiche on Christmas morning. That’s why Jimmy Dean brand is helping people continue to celebrate and get in the festive holiday spirit with the return of its annual Jimmy Dean Recipe Gift Exchange.

The program invites people to make their favorite holiday recipe using Jimmy Dean premium pork sausage, take a photo of the finished dish, and submit it in exchange for one of six sausage-themed gifts like a jigsausage puzzle, a sausage patty sled and the fan favorite sausage-scented wrapping paper.

This year, we also want to introduce you to our team members in Newbern, Tennessee who help make this holiday staple ingredient possible.

Within a 300,000 square foot facility, our 650 team members produce over 100 different sausage products for both retail and foodservice. On a daily basis, they work with over 650,000 pounds of fresh pork and 13,000 pounds of our signature seasoning to deliver our products to tables across the country.

“I’m honored to work every day with this wonderful group of dedicated team members,” said Stan Welch, plant manager of the Tyson Foods Newbern facility.  “During the holiday season, we often take a moment to reflect on the past year.  The Newbern team has stayed strong and committed, and I’m thankful to call this team a part of my family.  I wish them all a happy and healthy holiday season.”

We’re sending a heartfelt thank you to our Newbern team whose long hours help Jimmy Dean sausage make the holidays a little bit brighter.  Happy holidays!

Marketing Director for Jimmy Dean Brand at

Scott Glenn is a Marketing Director in the Prepared Foods Group at Tyson. He is responsible for retail marketing initiatives on the Jimmy Dean refrigerated business.

Scott has spent his career leading some of America’s most beloved food brands. He believes that a deep understanding of the consumer will lead to long-term business health. He has brought this to life by renovating mature brands, innovating in new and emerging categories, and strengthening integrated marketing communication campaigns.

He received his Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from Indiana University Kelley School of Business with a focus in Consumer Marketing.

Prior to his career in marketing, Scott was a musician and educator. Outside of work he can be found staying active and making music with his wife and two kids.