The phrase “our work feeds the nation” has taken on special significance this year. Each one of our team members has dedicated themselves to ensure essential nutrition is available – at the grocery store, through donation efforts in many of our communities, and more.

But the reason we have been able to deliver, literally, is because of our Tyson Foods truck drivers and everyone in Tyson Foods Transportation Operations. Rain, shine, or global pandemic, they have shown up.

In honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we want to highlight a few things you may not know about this special team.

1. They showed up in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.

As so many people grappled with damage from Hurricane Laura, we deployed tractor trailer loads of product totaling more than 250,000 pounds, or the equivalent of one million meals, to impacted communities. This would not have happened without our truck drivers.

2. They show up safely on the road.

Whether it’s 100,000 miles or 2 million miles, our drivers are committed to safety on the road from coast to coast. We’re proud to recognize their “miles driven” milestones on a regular basis.

3. They show up for each other when needed most.

When truck driver Robert Goczan of New York, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force,​ recently passed away unexpectedly, drivers Jimmy Shaw and Kenny Elbe delivered Robert’s ashes to his 79-year-old mother living in New York. 

“I wish there was a way to bottle up our team members’ passion and commitment and share it with the world,” said Deanna Wiedner, vice president Human Resources, Operations. “I have to remind myself in the midst of each hectic day, we have thousands of team members making a difference.”

This Driver Appreciation Week, we encourage you to visit the Driving for Tyson Foods Facebook page, and thank a driver – they’ve got their ears on.