In recent months, Tyson Foods has put in place a host of safety measures that meet or exceed CDC and OSHA guidance to protect our team members from potential transmission of COVID-19 in our facilities. Their health and safety is our top priority.

Here are 10 of the steps we have taken to care for our team members and the communities where we operate. 

1. Conducting wellness health screenings of team members each time they arrive at our facilities, checking for symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath in addition to checking temperatures. We have purchased more than 150 infrared walkthrough temperature scanners to assist in this effort.

2. Providing mandatory surgical-style face masks to every team member and requiring face shields in addition to face masks in the limited areas where neither barriers nor six-foot physical separation is practical.

3. Installing widespread hand sanitizer stations throughout our plants.

4. Implementing social distancing measures, such as installing physical barriers between workstations and in break rooms, providing more break room space, erecting outdoor tents where possible for additional space for breaks, clearly marking six-foot distances in common use areas and staggering start times to avoid large gatherings as team members enter our facilities. 

5. Conducting facility-wide testing of team members for COVID-19 at many of our locations and using that data as a tool for fighting the virus.

6. Designating more than 500 team members as social distance monitors stationed throughout each facility during all shifts to help ensure workers adhere to safety protocols and social distancing requirements.

7. Idling plants to conduct additional deep cleaning and sanitizing when indicated.

8. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting high traffic areas, such as restrooms and break rooms.

9. Working with Matrix Medical and Axiom at certain facilities to provide specialist services to team members who test positive and guide them through recovery. 

10. Committing up to $120 million in ‘thank you’ bonuses for our hardworking frontline workers.  

We continuously evaluate these measures and add enhancements to them as it becomes necessary. For more information on what we are doing to help keep Tyson team members safe and healthy, visit our COVID-19 response page here: