As the head of our health and safety efforts at Tyson Foods, I know just how hard we are working to identify and quickly implement new safety measures to protect our team members. It’s in the spirit of leading that I am pleased to announce a partnership with Axiom Medical to provide enhanced health services to our team members.

Axiom Medical is a leading occupational health services and incident case management provider. They will help ensure our team members have comprehensive health support as we continue to operate and begin to re-open idled facilities.

These support services will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while effectively managing care for team members. Axiom will also be part of efforts to boost communication through ongoing check-ins with impacted team members and their families.

Axiom’s services will include:

  • Health support, including medical monitoring of ill or exposed team members
  • 24/7 telephonic access to licensed medical professionals
  • Facilitation of return to work clearances once team members have recovered
  • Ongoing education and best practices to reduce the spread of illness in the workplace

The Axiom partnership is just the latest of a host of safety measures we have already put in place to protect our team members, including:

We have doubled our “thank you” bonus for its frontline workers. Team members who cannot come to work because of illness or childcare issues related to COVID-19 will continue to qualify. We have also increased short-term disability coverage to 90% of normal pay until June 30 to encourage team members to stay home when they are sick.

As the largest food company in the United States, we not only bear a responsibility to lead, we embrace it. We will continue to evolve and adapt and to prioritize our team member safety, above all else.

Senior Vice President of Health & Safety at Tyson Foods