Tyson Foods Expands Partnership with OneEgg to Nepal

In Nepal, a large percentage of the population is undernourished—in many cases because animal protein is not widely available across the country. The mountainous terrain and lack of infrastructure makes transportation and distribution to remote areas very difficult.

Moushumi Shrestha from Shreenagar Agro Farms is working with teams at Tyson Foods, COBB-VANTRESS and ONEEGG to do something about that.

In this video, follow Moushumi Shrestha as she demonstrates how Shreenagar Farms has partnered with these organizations to feed hungry children in Nepal and educate the public about the importance of animal protein. Together, with funding from Tyson Foods, they have built and trained a network of poultry farmers to raise laying hens on farms near seven rural schools. Shreenagar Farms buys eggs back from the farmers and delivers them to school children in these areas. Today, they provide 5,000 eggs per week to 700 kids.

As a social enterprise effort, our investment also makes good business sense. Our partnership with OneEgg not only allows us to help feed hungry children in areas where they need it most, it also helps to facilitate market growth for Cobb-Vantress, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tyson Foods.

This partnership is just one more way we’re raising the world’s expectations for how much good food can do.

Published October 16, 2018.

Senior Manager of Social Enterprise, Corporate Social Responsibility at

Matt Pakula is a senior manager of corporate social responsibility for Tyson Foods. He is responsible for shared value and social enterprise projects and works with a variety of nonprofit organizations, providing strategic input to align the company’s CSR goals with business objectives, as well as tactical support for a variety social responsibility initiatives.

Before assuming his current role, Matt was a senior manager of communications and corporate contributions for The Hillshire Brands Company. He also served as director of the Hillshire Brands Foundation. Earlier in his career, Matt held a variety of roles at private and public companies in public affairs, corporate affairs, corporate contributions and publicity that ultimately led to his interest in addressing societal needs and challenges through business itself with a business model. He earned a Juris Doctor and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Michigan State University.

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