Today is National Coming Out Day – a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and reflect on how we can continue to advance equity, inclusion, and diversity in our communities and workplaces. Read on as one of our team members, Frances, shares what this day means to her as a mother.

I am a proud mother and mother-in-law to an amazing daughter and future daughter-in-law. My daughter came out to me after she graduated from high school in 2013.

It was a shock because I always had this image of her wedding and building a family. But after a reality check, I realized my daughter could still have that beautiful life, that beautiful wedding, and create an amazing family because she would be happy – happy living a life that was hers.

And as a mother, what is the one thing we wish for our children? Just to be happy. And my daughter has found who makes her happy. What more could I ask for? 

My daughter has a great partner. They have been together since high school, and my future daughter-in-law is an amazing person. Unfortunately, our Hispanic culture has made it difficult for her to share her life with her parents. They refuse to accept her life or my daughter.

But that’s ok because they have me and my family. My husband is still struggling, but we spend lots of time with our girls and know that in time, we have hope that life will work itself out.

We love them both and are so happy they live their truth and happiness every day. My daughter was the first in our family to be honest with all of us. She is one of the bravest people I know. 

Our Hispanic culture still has a lot of traditions and traditional ways of thinking. At times I do not believe it is just the Hispanic culture; I believe it is more tied to a generational tradition. There are some topics we just don’t discuss in public, and sexuality (no matter what) is just something you do not discuss.

So, I do wonder if that is the majority of the issue – or just accepting the difference? Because we are “all” supposed to live a life that was shown to us. But imagine if we did? How boring life would be. So we focus on our own lives and try to live them to the fullest.

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