For some of our team members, COVID-19 has hit far too close to home. One of those team members is Matt, who lost his 29-year-old healthy nephew Caleb to the virus. Caleb was unvaccinated.

“I hate that Caleb’s story ended the way it did,” Matt said. “But what his wife Chasity wants is for this not to happen to anyone else.”

Matt says one of the biggest challenges to beating COVID is vaccination hesitancy largely due to misinformation.

“Because of that, we have to do two things really well,” he said. “First, we have to help educate our team members with factual information. Second, I feel it is important to ‘tell our stories’ and remember how we have all been touched by someone that has been affected by COVID.”

A video feature was recently put together with Caleb’s story. Take a listen as his wife and older brother encourage others to “do whatever you can to protect yourself.”