• “I want to send a HUGE thank you out to all the Tyson Team Members who put in such hard work and dedication to delivering such diverse and quality products. From the CEO to the men and women who sweep the floors, THANK YOU!”
  • “I want to thank ALL Tyson employees for showing up everyday in uncertain times! On behalf of my husband and I, we cannot thank you enough as your easy oven fried chickens or baked chicken products etc. got us through Covid 19. We both had Covid and were hospitalized so we ordered the Tyson food products from our local Walmart To get us through easy meals!…You guys Rock so stay safe okay! We appreciate all that you do!”

As the manager of the Tyson Foods Customer and Consumer Relations team, these are the types of emails, letters, texts, social posts and phone calls that motivate our mighty team of 32 customer and consumer relations professionals. We are the first point of contact for many of our consumers and customers, interfacing with them daily and proudly representing our brands and company. 

With teams dedicated to both groups, our job is to help celebrate the loyalty of our consumers and customers and work to address any concerns. From answering product questions to listening to candid feedback, our mission is to show the world what good food can do by exhibiting care and empathy and sharing information with our consumers and customers.

When I started my career at Tyson Foods 21 years ago, phone calls and letters were the only means of communication. Now, people engage with our brands on every platform. We’ve developed a team to monitor and respond across a variety of mediums with the expectation that immediacy matters. 

On average, we receive about 1,200 phone calls and 1,400 emails and letters each week. While the vast majority are questions such as, “where can I buy this product?” “what are the ingredients or nutritionals?” and “how do I find coupons?”, we do receive product complaints or concerns. 

This feedback is some of the most valuable we receive from consumers, unsolicited. We strive to listen and take the feedback to our internal stakeholders. 

Most of all, we enjoy the loyal fans who simply want to talk to us or share with us how much they love one of our products or brands. These are the connections that take our brands from just a product you buy to an experience through food that creates memories and brings people together. 

There is no better way to summarize the mindset of our consumer and customer relations team than this quote from team member Morgan Lackey.

“The most profound responsibility of our position in Consumer Relations is we are directly speaking to our consumers on behalf of the company,” Lackey says. “We are a direct reflection of Tyson Foods and all the brands we represent, which is a huge honor. My favorite aspect of our role is being able to communicate with our consumers to ensure they feel heard and cared for, no matter the circumstance. We have a fantastic team and it is such a pleasure to be able to serve and assist our everyday consumers that support this company.”

Consumer and Customer Relations Manager at Tyson Foods

Christina Self is a lifetime resident of Northwest Arkansas, a third generation Tyson Foods team member, and sister to a Tyson Foods broiler farmer. She’s enjoyed more than two decades with the company and loves sharing her experience with customers and consumers of the care that goes into every product produced. As a mom of two daughters, she knows she can count on the safety of Tyson Foods products and her favorite product is the Tyson Fresh Chicken Wings.