Talking with the brand managers for our pet treats was a real treat, pun intended. Giselle Guzman, brand manager for True Chews, is a tenured Tyson Foods team member and loves that our treats are high-quality and sourced in the U.S. Binh Hoang, brand manager for Nudges, has worked in the pet category previously and has been with Tyson for the last 5 years. He thrives on the connection people have with their pets and appreciates the meticulous formulation work our Research and Development (R&D) team puts into the development of our dog treats.

These two brand managers were excited to share news about their brands and themselves. So, let’s dig in and learn more about them and the treats they manage. 

Q: Is it true that you yourselves are pet parents?

Giselle: Of course! I have two dogs. Sparky is 13 years old and Luna is 1 year old. I got Sparky from another Tyson team member. Luna came to me when her first pet parents had to rehome her. Both are schnauzers. They love cuddles, trail walks and of course True Chews Dog Treats.

Binh: Oh yeah! My kids have been asking for a long time to have a pet, and I’ve been reluctant due to my allergies. I even wrote them a jovial song about pet parenting. Ninja is our 4-month-old black goldendoodle. I lost the household vote for Soy Sauce, which I thought was a much funnier name.

Binh’s goldendoodle, Ninja

Q: What is it like working in the pet industry?

Giselle: I have worked in the pet industry for only a year and half; however, I’ve worked at Tyson for several years in operations, innovation, brand marketing and customer development. I compare the pet industry to the baby industry, because you are buying treats for your furry baby. You want the best for them, and you also want to find ways to pamper them and make them feel loved. I also love that working in the pet industry allows us to work with service dogs and donate treats to shelters. Earlier this year, we sponsored a service dog for a child with autism. This type of charity work allows us to give back to our community and strengthen the special relationship between people and pets.

Binh: I just celebrated my 5-year anniversary working at Tyson with the last 2 years on Tyson Pet Brands. This is my second stint in the pet industry. Earlier in my career, I spend a few years working on other pet treat brands. I love the deep-rooted connection people have with pets, whether their own or someone else’s. People love pets! They provide companionship, support, unconditional love, and they are cute as can be!

Q: What do you wish people knew about the brands each of you manage?

Giselle: True Chews is an incredible brand! We take nutrition and quality very seriously, and we also strive to provide the best natural flavors for our pets. The best part of our treats is they are nutritious and are made with purposeful ingredients. I’m very proud to be able to provide consumers with a clean label and delicious treats their pets will love. And, True Chews Cat Treats give cats the same True Chews brand premium treating experience as dogs. Both dog and cat treats can be found at pet specialty stores.

Binh: Dogs show unconditional love to their pet parents every single day. Whether it is a happy tail wag greeting in the morning, excited barks greeting you when you come home from the office, or just sitting by your side after a long day, they get it! Nudges dog treats help strengthen our bond with our dogs by elevating the way we show them we care and appreciate them. And Nudges comes at a great value in retail grocery and club stores, making us the #1 Natural Dog Treat Brand*. 

Q: What personal connection do you have with the brands each of you manage?

Giselle: True Chews treats are a great fit for my pets! I’m a big supporter of brands made and sourced in the U.S. I also want to ensure I provide quality treats to my pets to make sure they are healthy and have energy. True Chews treats have protein as the #1 ingredient and help provide my pets with a good source of energy. For all these reasons, I think True Chews treats are the best treat I can feed my pets.

Binh: For Ninja, the high protein content of our treats along with the premium ingredients help ensure he has a diet of wholesome nutrition from mealtime to treat time. Plus, I know I can trust Nudges treats because I know what goes into them; U.S. made, high quality ingredients, all natural, no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors. From the meticulous formulation work our R&D team puts into the development of these products to the care the operations team puts into the manufacturing of these products, I have strong confidence in what Nudges treats deliver. And, the proof is in the pudding (treat)! Ninja responds to them and is excited EVERY TIME I go to the bag of Nudges treats! 

*Nielsen Scan Data Latest 52 weeks (w/e 7/25/2020)

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