Tyson Foods believes in the power of protein.

Protein that can make life easier and more flavorful, that can provide choices.

Protein that can solve for today’s problems, that can feed generations to come.

We also believe protein innovation happens continuously.

We were innovating before the coronavirus pandemic, we’re innovating through it, and we’re already thinking of what comes next – 5, 10, even 20 years from now.

Easy and Flavorful Protein

Nearly a year ago, we proactively began putting “air fryer” instructions on many of our retail items anticipating customer desire and need for easy cooking. We’ve received very positive feedback that this is a needed re-heating and convenience addition to our retail ready-to-eat items. 

Then, we came out with Tyson® Air Fried Chicken, that is 75% less fat1 andis perfectly crispy, juicy all-white meat chicken with no antibiotics ever. Tyson Air Fried Chicken is all pleasure and less guilt. Available in strips, fillets and nuggets, this tasty option for fried chicken lovers can satisfy those familiar cravings – no air fryer required.

Earlier this year, we teamed up to create Tyson® Instant Pot® Kits. Designed to cook in 20 minutes, these fully prepped kits have everything you need for a meal, including Tyson 100% all-natural2 chicken made with no antibiotics ever, premium long-grain rice and bold sauces. The kits were designed to help Instant Pot users who want new ways to use their multicooker to make their favorite protein, fast.

With ease and taste both as strong drivers for convenience, we launched new and improved Tyson® Grilled & Ready® Chicken as an excellent shortcut to a fresh meal that is now even juicier. It’s like the chicken you cook at home, but without all the effort.

Tyson® Crispy Chicken Strips are also new, improved and crispier than ever. Made to mirror what you love about the chicken served at your favorite chain restaurant, these revamped, reformulated strips are made with lighter breading and more savory seasoning—making them crispier on the outside and juicier on the inside. They’re an easy and flavorful option to drop in the air fryer, serve as a snack or prepare atop pasta for dinner. The possibilities are endless.

This spring, Hillshire® Snacking Bistro Bites launched, serving up an elevated, ‘pop-able’ snacking experience. Featuring portioned packs of the brand’s most popular salamis, alongside natural cheese and tasty nut mixes, these packs make at-home snacking feel Just a Little Bit Fancy.

This summer, the team launched Hillshire Farm® Fresh Sausage. With the weather warming up and people eager to extend their kitchen to the outdoors, Hillshire Farm brand created this line of Italian and Bratwurst sausages to provide fresh, never frozen, sausage options to consumers. Available in five varieties, these can be grilled in 20 minutes or less and provide a quick and flavorful option that can be eaten al fresco.

Choice of Protein

But the possibilities don’t end there. We produce a variety of beef, pork, chicken, turkey, as well as alternative protein products. After all, today’s consumers are seeking more protein options that include both meat and plant-based protein. For us, this is about ‘and’ – not ‘or.’

Our Raised & Rooted brand was created to provide great tasting plant-based foods that give people variety when choosing their protein, including plant-based nuggets and tenders. They’re made with pea protein fibers for meaty texture and coated in a delicious breading for a crispy crunch, with the nuggets having 33% less saturated fat than all-white meat chicken options.

Problem-Solving Protein

Embracing the power of protein is also about adjusting to solve the problems of the day. You likely recall some empty store shelves at the beginning of the pandemic as American consumers flocked to retail grocery and club stores due to the spread of COVID-19. In response, we shifted some of our chicken, beef and pork production from foodservice to retail to meet the surge in demand.

Meanwhile, we continue to work with our foodservice partners to solve issues for delivery. Our Tyson Red Label® brand of products have been tested and proven to hold up well in delivery conditions, and they are priced right to fit many budgets. 

On a larger scale, we have been supporting the entire restaurant industry by joining forces with the social media campaign #TheGreatAmericanTakeout and donating to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF). RERF is helping more than 43,000 restaurant workers who suffered financially due to the COVID-19 health and economic crisis.

Together, industry icon Guy Fieri and the more than 50 companies and organizations and 15,000 individual donors raised more than $21.5 million for RERF and showed the nation just how important restaurant workers are to our industry and the communities where they work and live.

Grocery and foodservice aren’t the only environments changed by the pandemic. Schools shutdown practically overnight and school foodservice operators had to react quickly to keep feeding children whose families relied on school meals. We learned that immediate needs were for curbside drop-off models. We supplied school foodservice programs with items like pop-up tents, ponchos, coolers and to-go bags. Then, we helped create communications to share with families receiving meals, including cooking instructions, safety guidelines, signs to tell families where to get food and even fun activity sheets to keep kids entertained at home.

The Future of Protein

So, where does protein go from here? 

Our Innovation Lab is intended as a place to challenge the status quo and think past what is, to get at what might be years down the road. We are constantly thinking and innovating for consumers in ways they often don’t even realize.

The team, which includes a food scientist, marketer, product designer and chef, has six months to create and get a product to market. The group is responsible for everything from designing the packaging to creating, launching and marketing products, including the use of social media.

Easier and more flavorful today, more choices tomorrow and innovation to feed the future. That’s the power of protein.

1 Than USDA data for fast foods chicken breaded fried and boneless

2 Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients

Communications Manager, Poultry Public Relations at

Morgan Watchous (pronounced “watch us”) is part of Tyson Foods’ Corporate Communications team, serving as the communications manager of poultry public relations.

Morgan has a mix of content, marketing, sales and PR experience in agriculture. She has done public relations and account management for Zoetis equine and dairy pharmaceuticals with the integrated marketing agency Bader Rutter, she managed a sales territory for Zoetis equine pharmaceuticals and most recently served as the content marketing manager for Farm Journal Media across the livestock, crops and produce industries.

Morgan grew up in Northern California riding horses and working cows. She earned a degree in Agricultural Journalism from the University of Missouri and serves on the board of the MoKan National Agri-Marketing Association and is active in the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas. She and her husband Zach enjoy volunteering and exploring the great outdoors.