One of the biggest questions we’ve asked ourselves in recent weeks is, “how do we take care of each other during this pandemic?”

For Tyson Foods, caring for our team members has meant prioritizing their health and safety in comprehensive ways. But it’s also meant reaching out to them in a more personal way.

Many on our executive leadership team have traveled to Tyson Foods locations – to connect with team members, hear their stories, and thank them for carrying out essential work under challenging circumstances.

They met with plant managers, health and safety personnel, human resources, and groups of frontline workers who were asked to speak openly and transparently about their experiences.

Our leadership observed firsthand a commitment to our nation’s food supply chain and safely moving our nation forward.

“From Georgia and Iowa, to Wisconsin, Michigan and Mississippi, the leadership and commitment I’ve witnessed has left me inspired and even more proud to be a part of our Tyson team,” said Tyson Foods President Dean Banks. “I saw flexibility in our operations. I observed team members taking care of themselves and their communities. And I saw an incredible focus on making great food and doing so in a safe manner.” 

Tyson Foods’ Group President of Poultry Chad Martin also met with frontline workers.

“I was beyond inspired by our team members’ commitment and sense of higher purpose to feed the nation,” he said. “And proud of our plant lead teams’ rapid implementation of safety measures.”

What they witnessed was more than teamwork. It was a family of people coming together to show the world how much good food can do.

Tyson Fresh Meats Group President Steve Stouffer visited 8 Tyson locations and said, “even though we’re dealing with [COVID-19], we’re uniting and solving the problems that need to be solved.”

He emphasized the implementation of safety measures as the top priority for team members.

“One of the things that’s been a constant through all of this is the importance of keeping our team members safe across the entire system. That’s number one.”

Yes, COVID-19 has brought challenges few could have imagined. But the strength of the Tyson workforce demonstrates a bright perspective and better preparedness for the future.

As Group President of Prepared Foods Noelle O’Mara said after meeting with team members at several locations, “we are ‘one Tyson’ more than ever.”

“We’ve come together under extraordinary circumstances and will emerge stronger and more unified.”

Noelle O’Mara

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