Have you ever wondered who purchases all that grass-fed beef? Or perhaps that’s you, along with all-natural pork and chicken with no added hormones. Imagine if you could pinpoint exactly which person is interested in which products. Well, now you can, thanks to Midan Marketing’s Meat Consumer Segmentation 2.0. By the end of reading this article, you’ll know exactly if you’re a Wellness Diva or a Protein Progressive.

Midan Marketing recently surveyed 1,200 U.S. adult consumers who have recently eaten meat or poultry. The goal? To segment the meat-eating population into distinct groups, each with its own unique attitudes and behaviors. Why does this matter? The results of this study can help meat marketers make more-informed decisions about their product offerings while targeting various groups of consumers with stronger messaging.

First off, what is segmentation? Segmentation is a process that divides consumers into groups of potential buyers with similar preferences and buying habits. Having this information assists in the crafting of key messages to better resonate with specific targeted markets and shoppers. It also helps businesses identify gaps in brand and/or product portfolios.

Meat Consumer Segmentation 2.0 was conducted by Midan Marketing, a Tyson Fresh Meats Team agency partner. The Fresh Meats Team will be using this newly released research in a similar manner to how they utilized the original research conducted in 2016: to guide how best to talk to and reach consumers with key messages, all designed to yield results, while driving success and profits. To determine the segments, Midan Marketing surveyed the meat-eaters on subjects such as protein consumption habits, shopping and purchasing habits, meat attributes, plant- and cell-based meats and general health attitudes in relation to meat and poultry.

In order of highest percentage to lowest percentage, meat-eating consumers are broken down into the following:

  • 30%: Convenience Chasers
  • 21%: Family-First Food Lovers
  • 21%: Aging Traditionalists
  • 16% Protein Progressives
  • 12%: Wellness Divas

 Ready to learn what these terms mean?

Convenience Chasers:

  • Look for convenience first
  • Little interest in claims or health
  • Price-conscious, coupon and promo-seekers

You’re pressed for time, distracted and want an easy meal solution. You’ve probably signed up for HelloFresh or Blue Apron in the past… or at least you’ve thought about it. You can’t get through Costco without trying the samples (when you have the time) and you’re easily swayed after one bite to purchase those oh-so-convenient healthy frozen lunches – especially because they’re on special this week! Don’t worry, looking for easier meals and on-the-go options are appealing to many these days. And getting a good deal is just the icing on the cake. Ooh, cake… Time to hit up the drive-thru on your way home!

Family-First Food Lovers:

  • Enjoy meat and poultry (with nothing added)
  • Believe grass-fed is better than grain-fed
  • Love to cook and explore in the kitchen
  • Mealtime equals togetherness

Chances are, you could easily be persuaded with some recipe inspiration. Be honest: you watch those Tasty videos on your Facebook feed, don’t you? We can’t blame you–there’s something mesmerizing about watching a healthy meal for a family of four come together in less than 90 seconds. That said, you’re willing to go the extra mile (or hour) to cook those juicy pork cutlets using your favorite, branded all-natural pork. And yes, you’ll pack up leftovers for your significant other to take to work and talk about your fabulous, home-cooked dinner.

Aging Traditionalists:

  • Meat is the center of their plate
  • Prefer conventional meat, not interested in claims
  • Least likely to explore protein alternatives

You grew up eating meat and you continue eating meat today by making meals your parents used to make. Beef stroganoff, meatloaf, pot roast… we name it, you’ve made it. You don’t think twice before ordering a steak—and we don’t blame you! Steak IS delicious, but you already knew that. You’re old school and you’re not swayed by organic or non-GMO. You often say ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!’ So hop in your pickup, head to the nearest steakhouse and enjoy the scenic country views on your way.

Protein Progressives:

  • Love all proteins, especially meat (beef and pork)
  • Trend setters looking to experiment
  • Most willing to replace meat and poultry with plant-based proteins
  • Lead busy lives

We’re guessing you live in a city, don’t like when people refer to you as a Millennial (even though you totally are one), and love getting a new gadget in the kitchen to experiment with! Congrats–you’re a Protein Progressive. With that, you’re part of an adventurous group of people who love meat, love cooking, and are willing to try new things, especially the latest trends. In fact, just last week you convinced your friends to go to White Castle with you to try their Impossible Burgers. You have a bunch of different recipe boards on Pinterest, know the best restaurants in town, and have Yelped at least once or twice. You’re willing to spend a pretty penny to get that all-natural, GMO-free, or grass-fed product. As long as you can grab it at your local Super Target along with your Lysol wipes, A Star is Born on Blu-ray, and a new toy for the dog.

Wellness Divas:

  • Trying to eliminate meat from their diets
  • Prefer chicken and plant-based proteins to beef/pork
  • Extreme claim seekers
  • Very health-focused and wellness-focused

You’ll probably go into work on Monday and tell your coworkers all about the great hike you went on over the weekend and how you refueled with a delicious acai bowl. You’re focused on your overall wellness, and the rest of us admire you for that! You’re most comfortable with chicken and plant-based proteins, which you typically buy at your organic food store while stocking up on kale chips. That’s where you also find your favorite all-natural, no hormones added meat to mix up your dinner routine from time to time. No matter what you’re purchasing, you make sure the company behind the brand supports animal well-being and sustainability. Now grab your reusable, BPA-free Nalgene water bottle and don’t miss that lunch-break yoga class!

So, which group are you? Let us know in the comments below, or on social media @TysonFoods.