Dogs are family. We show them our love with long walks, endless belly rubs and healthy diets. Similar to humans, real, quality ingredients are essential for our furry friends. That’s why Nudges® and True Chews® dog treats always feature protein as the no. 1 ingredient, are made in the USA, and only use premium, all-natural ingredients.

We are releasing new Nudges® and True Chews® dog treats this month. Dogs will love the flavor, while pet parents will appreciate the simple ingredients – no fillers, corn, wheat, soy, preservatives or animal by-products, because your dog deserves that. Rolling out at stores nationwide, the new products include:

Nudges® Premium Simply Sliced Dog Treats

  • Premium slices of USA chicken breast, pork or beef, marinated and slow cooked without any artificial ingredients, colors or flavors.

True Chews® Bacon Style and Pepperoni Style Dog Treats

  • Our dogs bring fun and love to every day, so we want to reward them with treats that are naturally fun and exciting too! That’s why these products are made in the USA with real beef as the #1 ingredient with no animal by product, artificial flavors or preservatives. Because dog treats should be Real. Fun.

True Chews® Meatball Recipe Dog Treats

  • Meatballs are the ultimate comfort food. Now, pet parents can share this delicious eating experience with True Chews® Meatball Recipe dog treats. These tender, bite-sized dog treats contain USA- sourced chicken or beef as the #1 ingredient.

Pet food trends follow people food trends, which is driving consumers to search more satisfying and better-for-you options for both themselves and their pets. Luckily, you can feel good about giving these tasty new treats to your pup, though it’s important to note that these treats are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

We have gained the trust of our customers by providing consistent, quality products that feature real meat and chicken, and we’ll continue to do so, because it is what our pets deserve. We’re committed to innovation, including the growth of new categories providing our pet families with the variety they seek.

Our protein expertise competitively positions us to continue creating a strong portfolio of new, innovative products, alongside our already robust lineup of dog treats that both pets and pet parents love. And we look forward to doing so!

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