ONIKA WILLIAMS, VP of Poultry Strategy

There’s never a dull moment at Tyson Foods–and our team thrives on that!

Working in poultry, there’s a new learning opportunity every day. What’s the next big thing? How can we stay ahead of shifts in consumer behaviors? How are we ensuring we’re doing right by our team members, our animals, our customers, and our company?

In my role, I’m responsible for developing the growth strategy for the poultry segment. This includes looking at realistic and achievable goals to drive us forward, as well as looking at where we can truly innovate our practices to move into the future.

The diversity and depth of my experience that I have gained over my career at Tyson Foods is invaluable to my current role. I spent the first half of my career at Tyson Foods in Operations, learning how all of our products are made. The next half, I spent learning how the company works end-to-end across all segments in the U.S. This insight is critical in finding ways for Tyson to maintain our competitive advantage in the marketplace and position the poultry segment for long-term, sustainable growth.

Over my 14 years at Tyson, the most important thing I’ve learned is the value of true collaboration. Having the ability to assemble a team with diverse perspectives is key to ensuring 2+2 equals 4 . Our collaborative teams embrace diversity to challenge traditional thinking and allow us to continue find new ways to balance consumer needs and operational capabilities.

The unique thing about Tyson Foods – and what I find really lucky about my role – is that we are truly bold in the core of our culture. We’ve managed to stay true to our family-centric roots while growing the diversity of thought and experiences of the company. Working for a company (especially a Fortune 100 company) that allows you to bring your authentic, whole self to work is truly amazing!

However, what I find most unique about this place and find most fortunate in my job is our ability to be bold in our business initiatives. We really look to knock it out of the park with the way our team members are getting things done. This also applies to our investments – we’re bold enough to invest in the alternative protein sector because we know the future of our industry is an “and” not “or” story, and we need to work together to innovate for the next generation.

I’m excited about my job and my Tyson Foods’ team. We really are raising the world’s expectations for how much good food can do, and I can’t wait for the next part of this journey.

Published November 29, 2018.

Vice President of Poultry Strategy at

Onika Williams is the VP of Strategy for Tyson Foods’ Poultry Segment. She began her professional career when she joined the Tyson Foods team in July 2014 as a Maintenance Coordinator. Onika’s passion for being a catalyst for change has led to her successfully driving improvement efforts across both Tyson’s corporate business processes and plant operations.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arkansas.

Outside of work, Onika is the proud mom of an outgoing 5-year old daughter whom she lovingly calls “her Twinkie Bink.” In her spare time, Onika enjoys cooking, reading, spa time, and ALL things Beyoncé. She is a recent fall graduate of Leading Women Executives and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.